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How to make kids happy

How to make kids happy

Felix is not very happy. He stays up late and eats a lot of cookies. He also spends lots of time playing and not going outside to play with his friends. His parents seem to not be very happy either. Felix wishes everyone could be happier.

We’ve all had those days of laying around and binging on our favorite junk foods. Despite the yummy sweets and relaxation, having too much of these things can make us a feel sluggish and unable to effectively go about our day. Kids have the same reaction to these binges. Here are some ways to make both you and your child feel healthier and happier:

1. Make sure your child gets enough exercise, sleep, and nutrition. Happiness is influenced by how we take care of our bodies both physically and mentally, this applies to children as well. If you or your child is feeling down, go outside and play. Also avoid sugary foods and get plenty of rest. This will help correlate feels of well being making you feel happier.

2. How we view the world affects our happiness. Having a positive outlook on life increases feelings of happiness. When we are happy, our children are more likely to be happy. Our thoughts and actions influence our children much more than we could ever imagine, so it is important to stay not only positive for ourselves but for our children as well. Stop with your children and take the time to appreciate the things around you. Life is always easier when you have a positive approach towards it and it will surely affect your happiness and your child’s happiness in a positive way.

3. Be social. The feeling of being included and relating to others affects our overall well being in a positive way. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed or alone, go to a museum with your kids or meet up with your friends for dinner. Small social connections such as these will improve overwhelming or isolated feelings, therefore leaving you feeling happier. This is true for your children as well. Children need a social connection for belonging and overall well being. Happiness can be found in friends.

Felix is much happier now that he outside playing with his friends. His parents seem happier too since everyone in the family has began eating more fruits and vegetables and avoiding sugary snacks. Felix and his parents are glad they switched to a healthier lifestyle.

Felix Has Feelings is a website devoted to teaching kids about their emotions and how to control them. Like anger, jealousy, sadness, joy, curiosity, loneliness, excited, and being scared. Please visit to learn more.

Kids Happy Apps is a place where parents can learn about happiness for their kids though the latest research in Positive Psychology. They even develop apps to promote happiness and wellbeing in children.

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