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About us and our Vision

About us and our Vision

Our vision focuses on developing the most important skills children can learn: Relationships, Resilience, Creativity, Kindness and Gratitude.


These skills are not just something we think is important for children to develop, based on scientific research within Positive Psychology (the science of happiness), research shows the development of these skills leads both children (and adults) to live a life that is fulfilling and happy.

And ultimately, by developing these skills at a young age, we are creating a better world for the generations to come.


Ivan Kramer Kids Happy Apps

Ivan Kramer

Ivan Kramer

Ivan is the co-founder of Kids Happy Apps. He has worked for over 15 years in graphic design, 3D animation, video effects, interface design, web design and internet marketing.  All these skills are complimenting his skills in mobile app development.

As the smart phone industry is so new, he invests around 10 hours a week learning about the latest trends and information in app development and design.

His values are, honesty, hard work, innovation, integrity and most importantly has a passion for designing visually appealing mobile apps that children will enjoy playing and interacting with.

Ivan has a Diploma in Commercial Art, Certificate IV in Mutli-media and Associate Diploma 3D animation and Diploma in Information Technology.

Olivia Petrovska Kids Happy Apps

Olivia Petrovska

Olivia Petrovska

Olivia is the co-founder of Kids Happy Apps. She a committed wellbeing professional and for the last 15 years  has immersed herself in the study of one thing – what brings humans true happiness? All her professional energies have been focused on answering this question.

This focus has led her to explore many disciplines; ranging from psychology and spirituality, to health, politics and business.

Her passion and extensive knowledge in wellbeing and happiness, has been translated to creating children’s apps that are not only educational and fun but most importantly incorporate the latest research in Positive Psychology (the science of happiness) – which looks at what brings true fulfilment and happiness to children.

Olivia has a Bachelor of Business in Finance & Human Resources, Post Graduate studies in Education and has recently completed studies in Positive Psychology.