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Inner Peace for Kids

Inner Peace for Kids


Meditation adventures for children 5+ and those young at heart.

Most parents would agree that their children are precious and only want the best for them. We nurture and monitor their physical wellbeing, but how do we do the same for their emotional wellbeing?

Latest research in neuroscience shows that meditation is one of the best ways to change brain function and promote higher levels of emotional wellbeing, resilience and concentration in children.

This high quality app contains 2 beautiful visualizations especially written for children. They are specifically structured to improve sleep and promote relaxation and calming.

Fun Features

  • Two beautiful and original meditation tracks – Colourful Balloons & Sleeping on a Cloud. You can listen to the meditation tracks at home, in the classroom or before bedtime.
  • 60 Beautiful designed Inspirational Affirmations.
  • Relax by creating your very own Zen Garden while listening to beautiful zen music

App Features

  • High quality state of the art recordings
  • Easy navigation
  • Choose from different background music to help ease the mood. The current selections are:
    • Beach
    • Soft
    • Forest

Serious Features

  • Does not contain ads
  • Does not have any in-app purchases
  • Does not collect any of your data
  • Does not link to any social media sites
  • We have a Privacy Policy (that we take very seriously)

Please join Kids Happy Apps on their noble quest to help every child be a happy child! How do we do this?

Most our apps are based on the principles within Positive Psychology. This is a new area of psychology looks at ways to promote happiness in kids (and adults).

Co-founder of Kids Happy Apps Olivia Petrovska is a professional speaker, author and consultant in Positive Psychology and Education. She has also been practising eastern meditation techniques for over 25 years. She has helped many adults and children achieve higher levels of happiness through her workshops, seminars and meditation classes.

For any kind of support or feedback, please contact Kids Happy Apps here. We cannot respond directly to reviews. We guarantee a 48 hour response time and are very open to feedback and suggestions!
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