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Director’s Chair – Make a Movie

Director’s Chair – Make a Movie


Recommended age 7 – 14 years

Editors Choice – Appyreviews

“I use this in the classroom, the kids absolutely love it” – Melbourne primary school teacher

“Was lots of fun creating our own movies, playing them back created lots of laughs” – Parent

Explore your imagination!

Use your creativity and create your own blockbluster movie!

You choose the storyline, you choose the screenplay, you choose the movie stars, you choose the location and most importantly you choose the ending! Is your story going to be a fairytale? Is it going to have superheors? So many possibilities, so much fun!

Fun Features

  • Choose from 26 animated backgrounds and 180 characters and objects
  • Record your own voice
  • Record the movement of the characters and objects
  • Create a single scene or group them together to make a movie
  • Create a picture
  • Save feature, save on your phone and share with your friend and family

Serious Features 

  • Does not contain ads
  • Does not have any in-app purchases
  • Does not collect any of your data
  • Does not link to any social media sites
  • We have a Privacy Policy (that we take very seriously)

Here is a Review of Directors Chair | Make your own movie app

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