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Download Affirmations Cards and how to use them

Download Affirmations Cards and how to use them

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The Importance of Affirmations Cards

A lot of the emotional baggage we carry as adults is due to our conditioning and beliefs we created when we were children.

How many times as a child did you hear an adult say to you — “Do this!” “Don’t do That!” “Why are you not listening to me!” “What you did was wrong!” “You are silly”. These messages can start creating false beliefs and self-doubt.

While as adults now, we look for ways to help remove that emotional baggage, how about starting with a better way forward in our children.

Affirmation cards are a great way to overcome self-doubt and help children to start thinking more positively. They can help children to change their thinking patterns from negative to positive. This in turn helps build confidence as they grow and mature as adults.

Top 10 Tips To Use Affirmation Cards:

1. Let your child pick up a random affirmation card such as “I am unique and special” or “I have many gifts and talents” or “I can do it”. Repeat the affirmation card everyday for about 3 weeks.

2. Repeat the affirmation 5 – 10 times. When repeating the affirmations, it should be in a positive way rather than in way where its hard to believe.

3. The best time to repeat the affirmations are first thing in the morning; this will start the day of on a positive note and just before going to sleep allowing the thoughts to enter your subconscious.

4. Don’t make it too formal. It should be informal and fun.

5. A great technique to get started is to explain to your child the affirmations are like magic words, and if repeated often enough they gain enough strength to become true.

6. A great time to use the affirmation cards is when your child is sick. It will help them feel better.

7. Another great time, is if your child is going through a specific issue. Pick a card that can assist with that issue, for example, if your child is struggling with homework, an affirmation card that statesWhen things get hard I keep trying and not give up may be the perfect answer. Repeat the affirmation until the issue is resolved.

8. Have an “affirmation of the day”. That specific affirmation is the focus for the day.

9. Get your child to create their own affirmation cards. Their own words, own drawings. They can be decorated with, stickers, stamps, etc.

10. You have fun with it also, its not just for children – adults can benefit also!

To get started right away, Kids Happy Apps have created a gift set of Affirmation Cards that you can download for free to give your child that extra boost of happiness.