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Find where Pookie is hiding bedtime story book

Find where Pookie is hiding bedtime story book


Recommended age 3 – 6 years

“What a beautiful bedtime story, it has all the ingredients for a great digital story, beautiful illustrations, engaging story and fun games”- Appyreviews

** More than just an interactive storybook – utilizing the latest research in Positive Psychology (the science of happiness), it is a great resource for parents to help their child understand negative emotions and decision making.

The Storyline

In this engaging story, Zac wakes up excited; it’s his birthday and his best friend, his pet dog Pookie is missing. Where could Pookie be hiding? Zac loves Pookie and is scared that he might never find him. Zac and his mum go on an adventure to find Pookie. A great bedtime story!

Fun Features

  • You as the storyteller you DECIDE where to look for Pookie – a fun adventure that’s a twist on choose your own adventure format. There over 100 different story combinations, many stories within one story.
  • Counting games throughout the story
  • Interactive scenes with touch functionality
  • Beautiful, professional and original illustrations

Story Features

  • Two ways to read – “Read myself” or “Read to me”
  • Professional voice overs
  • Words highlighted as you read
  • Touch sound on /off at any point during the story
  • Access to the main menu from any page

Happiness (Positive Psychology) lessons 

  • The story follows a journey to teach children an important message about expressing negative emotions and decision making
  • Using beautiful illustrations, the lessons are communicated in a fun way through a light and enjoyable story children can relate to
  • A link to a report (on our website) to assist parents and teachers, on ways to bring out the principles of positive psychology in the story (

Serious Features 

  • Does not contain ads
  • Does not have any in-app purchases
  • Does not collect any of your data
  • Does not link to any social media sites
  • We have a Privacy Policy (that we take very seriously)

Please join Kids Happy Apps on their noble quest to help every child be a happy child! How do we this?

All our apps are based on principles within Positive Psychology. This new area of psychology looks at ways to promote happiness in kids (and adults). Co-founder of Kids Happy Apps Olivia Petrovska, is a professional speaker, author and consultant in Positive Psychology.

For any kind of support or feedback, please contact Kids Happy Apps here. We cannot respond directly to reviews. We are a young company, very open to feedback and suggestions.

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