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Buy An App and Change A Future

Buy An App and Change A Future

A pen or pencil may not seem like much in Australia or America – but for students in Kenya it’s a vital and often hard to come by item.

In an effort to address this basic need, Kids Happy Apps will donate proceeds to African schools for the purchase of school supplies. We have teamed up with Share Africa to make this possible –

For many children in Kenya, starting the school year with an assortment of stationery items is considered a luxury. Many children go to school without the most basic item such as pens or pencils  Through this initiative, Kids Happy Apps wants to give children the opportunity to become future doctors, engineers, teachers or anything their heart desires.

“It’s our way of staying true to our vision – guiding all children around the world to true happiness and not just children with access to mobile apps” says Olivia Petrovska Co-founder of Kids Happy Apps.