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Top 100 Free ways For your Kids to Have FUN and not get bored

Top 100 Free ways For your Kids to Have FUN and not get bored

Are your kids feeling a little bored?


“Your will want to bookmark this one.”!

Need some fun, budget friendly ideas that can enhance their creativity?

Here is a list of 100 activities that you and your kids can do for free!

You will never have to worry about them being bored again!

Download 100 Free ways For your Kids to Have FUN



1. Go on a treasure hunt.

2. Play a game of match the socks with your toddler.

3. Have your young child copy your movements in the mirror and vice versa.

4. Have a spa day at your home.

5. Create a play or musical.

6. Learn new jokes.

7. Pick flowers.

8. Go hiking.

9. Go to a museum.

10. Take your kids to a playground in the park.

11. Take a bike ride.

12. Have a movie marathon and some popcorn on a rainy day.

13. Have a barbecue.

14. Volunteer for a local charity.

15. Have an obstacle day.

16. Have a dance party.

17. Paint each other’s faces.

18. Explore the neighborhood.

19. Blow bubbles.

20. Make shadow puppets.

21. Help your kids write letters to family.

22. Paint or redecorate your child’s room.

23. Make milkshakes with your kids.

24. Play a game of freeze tag.

25. Go for a run.

26. Take pictures of nature.

27. Play a trivia game.

28. Make up trivia questions about each other.

29. Make hot chocolate.

30. Play house.

31. Make some decorations then decorate the house with them.

32. Make some delicious posicles.

33. Say some tongue twisting phrases.

34. Sing songs.

35. Tell ghost stories in the dark with a flashlight.

36. Play dress-up.

37. Thumb-wrestle or have a tickle fight.

38. Make a gingerbread house.

39. Tell each new jokes you have learned.

40. Play basketball.

41. Learn to juggle.

42. Walk barefoot in the grass and pick flowers.

43. Build paper airplanes and have a flying contest.

44. Prank call grandparents and talk in silly, disguised voices.

45. Build a birdhouse.

46. Have your child sit outside and draw whatever he or she sees such as trees, grass, birds, etc.

47. Encourage your child to keep a journal.

48. Grab an insect book and learn about all the critters in your yard.

49. Plant flowers and help your child care for the flowers as they grow.

50. Collect leaves and look up what type of tree or plant they are from.

51. Visit the local farmer’s market.

52. Clean up at your local park or community.

53. Play with sidewalk chalk.

54. Make jewelry.

55. Treasure hunt at the beach.

56. Encourage random acts of kindness to friends or strangers.

57. Feed the ducks or geese.

58. Visit the dog park.

59. Go paddle boating (if you know someone you can lend a paddle boat from).

60. Go frisbee golfing.

61. Jump rope.

62. Play in the sprinklers.

63. Play hopscotch.

64. Have a tea party.

65. Hunt for four leaf clovers.

66. Wash the car.

67. Make noodle crafts.

68. Make a sundial.

69. Play with each other’s hair.

70. Watch the clouds.

71. Play flashlight tag.

72. Make animal sounds.

73. Go stargazing.

74. Play charades.

75. Have a shaving cream fight.

76. Make wind chimes.

77. Start a club.

78. Have a talent show.

79. Practice tying knots.

80. Play I-Spy.

81. Participate in your local library’s summer reading program or create one of your own.

82. Learn a new word every day.

83. Read what your teen is reading.

84. Write a short novel with your teen, taking turns writing a chapter.

85. Make paper planes.

86. Build a fort.

87. Go on a picnic.

88. Have a pillow fight.

89. Play hide and seek.

90. Bake cookies.

91. Visit the library.

92. Go thrift shopping.

93. Make a scrapbook.

94. Learn and create origami.

95. Tell each other ghost stories in the dark.

96. Make s’mores.

97. Check out a kid friendly documentary DVD from your local library.

98. Create a garden.

99. Take silly pictures of each other.

100. Make mazes and puzzle.